CPI Controls is one of the largest stocking distributor of process valves in the Northeast United States. With valves suitable for pressures from full vacuum to over 10,000 psig and temperatures -420 deg.F to in excess of 1200 deg.F CPI has a solution for most process conditions.

• Ball valves, operators, controls
• Sanitary and control

• Plug, high performance butterfly, noble alloy, and microfinish ball valves
• Rotary control valves

• PFA, FEP teflon, and poly-lined ball valves and check valves
LESER• Relief and safety valves
• High-pressure safety valves
• Safety valves according to API526 clean service safety relief
TLV• Steam traps, air vents, regulators, and moisture separators
DynaFlo• Globe and rotary control valves
Adams• Zero leakage rotary shut off valves
• Fast acting check valves and combined function valves
FloTite• Ball valve and actuators
MaxSeal• Resilient seated and high-performance butterfly valves
Ultraflo• Resilient seated butterfly valves 2" - 48"
AMRI• Elastomer-lined butterfly valves 1" - 128"
Newco• Gates, globe and check valves
Warren Controls• Globe and rotary control valves
Pratt Industrial• Resilient seated and high performance butterfly valves
Clarkson• Knife gate valves for slurry service
Neway• Gates, globe, and check valves
Nippon• High-performance metal seated ball valves
Warren• Gates, globes, checks, balls, and strainers
PureFlex• Composite ball and Teflon lined butterfly valves
Forum Energy Technologies• PBV trunnion and floating ball valves
• DSI-C/S forged steel gate valves
• Globe and check valves
• Pressure seal 600, 900, 1500, and 2500# valves
Collins Instrument Company• Plastic control valves and actuators for severe corrosion
• PVDF, PP, and Halar